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Haitan Police Call Strike After 5 Policeman Killed in 03 Days.

April 22, 18:00 - The Haitian National Police (PNH) have called a strike after 05 of their members were killed in 03 days this week in Martissant, Carrefour and on Route Delmas (Delmas 02 and 30) in Port au Prince. The strike was originally planned for April 24 but has been moved forward to this evening at 18:00. A strike by the National Police is illegal and moves are already being made to have it cancelled, a polite way of saying that disinformation is already being spread that the strike has been cancelled. Martissant has seen gunbattles between the police and local gang members this week with deaths on both sides. Police responded with 'muscular' house to house searches and have made several arrests. One gang member believed responsible for at least one police death was killed outright. In an unrelated incident the PNH arrested a politician's bodyguard for illegal weapons possession. The politician had his bodyguard freed and the police were threatened. That same night one of the officers was gunned down in his home suburb of Carrefour. The police are blaming the politician's men with the strike being called over this and the other police killings. Technically, there won't be an actual 'strike' if the action does go ahead. The police will go to their stations but will refuse to man checkpoints or respond to criminal acts even if in the vicinity of their station. Waiting to see how it actually pans out through the night .....

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